Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Food wastage reduction during the pineapple and orange processing process.

By Group 1 (Food Science & Nutrition)

      Food processing industry is the most huge industry in the world. The major sectors are fruit and vegetable, dairy food, meats and fish, alcoholic, beverages, oil as well as packaged foods.This processing industry gives an advantage towards people in terms of food production but proper management should be done especially on the wastage production. This is the most common problem which they have to face because the environmental issues arise due to the water consumption and water waste discharge, chemical used, packaging reduction and disposal and food scraps. These factors could lead to greenhouse gas emission and could house the disease causing microorganisms.There are many afforts that could be done in order to avoid these problems. These include process measurements and controls during the food processing , water conservation, dry cleaning, the use of less hazardous chemicals and the most recommended is by recycling of waste materials such as pulp of fruits and the juice extracts.
     Talking about recycling of waste materials, this also includes recycling the pineapple and orange waste during the production of products like tarts and juices in the food production industries. The wastage from food production based on pineapple and orange are dumped carelessly after extracting the edible portion. So, researches have come up with new ways to overcome this by using the waste of pineapple and orange fruits act as a substrate in the fungal production of citric acid by using fungus such as Aspergillus niger. The citric acid can be used in the food and beverage industry to flavor fruit juices, candy, ice cream, and marmalade. Moreover, the citric acid used in the pharmaceut¬ical industry can act as the preservatives for storing blood, tablets, ointments and cosmetics preparation. As for chemical industry, citric acid is one of the ingredients in the antifoam agent and for the treatment of textiles.
    So, many ways can be conducted by each industrial manager to achieve correlation between food production and maintaining the enviroment conditions.

Group Members:
Wan Syamimi binti Wan Kamarul Zaman- 1000924550
Sara Razmkhah- 1000923965
Wan Nurhamiza binti Sobri- 1000924559


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